Worst Films

Boring Movies

Despite having the luck to witness some really good films in 2018, we have also had the opportunity to see some truly bad ones as well. Here are some of the worst movies to have made their way to the big screen this past year.

1. Gotti

Director Kevin Connolly has attempted to trace the rise and fall of the Gambino crime boss, John Gotti, but falls into a series of cliché scenes such as the courtroom, backroom, and prison scenes. Embarrassingly generic, the film has moved away from the glorification of crime and violence since the 1930s, by making the same appear tedious more than anything else.

2. The Death of a Nation

The film which comes as the director Dinesh D’Souza’s direct attack on every person who voted for Donald Trump, cannot hold up against any form of scrutiny owing to blatant lies, impossible transgressions in logic, and barefaced historical distortions.

3. Life Itself

Poorly written and melodramatic, this film by Dan Fogelman consists of saccharine plots and unrealistically well-timed scenarios of tragedy, twists, and sacrifices that tie together two families from the 1980s to the 2070s or 80s. The whole movie has an aura of artificiality and is incredibly questionable in all aspects.

4. Fifty Shades Freed

The climax of the series appears to be undoubtedly the worst of the lot. The film is made up of bland clichés, sexy rich-person hideaways, incompressible politics, and dull sex scenes, all of which contribute towards a smooth and deeply stupid film.

5. Dark Crimes

Alexandros Avranas’ English debut has Jim Carrey in the charisma-lacking lead. The film paints a picture of Eastern Europe as a fiendish hellhole where misogynistic violence and sexualized femicide is fetishized. Everything about the film is dull, exploitative, and provocative without reason.

6. Future World

An unexpected debacle from the prolific James Franco, Future World presents itself as a sort of post-apocalyptic bachelor party. Cliché and shabbily arranges this film feels like a home-movie that was probably more fun to wake than have to sit through.

7. The Outsider

Directed by Danish filmmaker Martin Zandvliet, the only good one can find his film is how Jared Let’s bland performance gives spaces for the Japanese co-stars to display their talents in between generic and violent subplots.

8. Mute

Duncan Jones with Mute has made a film that is inescapably personal, and overly ambitious. Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux appear as black-market surgeons sharing an almost uncomfortable homoeroticism. Watching the film feels tedious, which is the last thing you would want to feel when trapped with 2-hour long film.