Software are divided into two categories Packaged software and Custom-made software. Custom-made software is adapted towards meeting the demands of the specific consumer. For example medical software development companies develop customized software according to the requirements of the customers. On the other hand Packaged software is acquired off the shelf and has the same feature.
Custom-made software is specifically designed to meet the needs of every organisation as gives exclusiveness in the solutions of business issues and also are designed in such a way which will reduce any chances of being targeted for any cyber crime.

Some five advantages of having custom software over the packaged software are:


There is no one size fits all in software development, modifying some features of your packaged software might help to some extent but developing your own software and customise the software to be complex or intuitive as per your liking will ensure the software know exactly what you want it to do, and enables you to complete the work easily.


A custom-made software grows with the company,as it brings with it new requirements, whereas, you might thing packaged software might fit your requirements now, but it is not necessary that that will fit with the changes that may come tomorrow. When you design your software make sure that it can accommodate all the changing needs of a company.



Some businesses require multiple software programmes to fulfil their requirements, which is an hassle to use and maintain. A costume-made software programme can be designed for integration of multiple processes and the software developer will be able to accommodate users ability to use the software as this can be adjusted based on the direction the business takes.


You might think that the development of custom-made software might be pricier. Try to think of custom-made software as an investment for your business to develop. A custom-made software does not require constant changes or development to accommodate your company’s need. Also does not require licensing which will help you save money in the business.


Support and Maintenance

When you buy a packaged software, you are relying on the mercy of the developers as they may someday decide to stopwhich will might put your company at a loss. This one of the most significant advantages that come with custom-made software, they are reliable and efficient and you will have full access with the technical support team who can familiarise you with the development processes and also can give you an efficient solution, if any problem occurs. It also offers more security with fewer chances of your data being compromised as hackers are not able to familiarise with the other off the shelves software.