Worst Actors


Success in the film industry may not always be correlated with talent – some just make it through good looks, connections and dumb luck. Here are some of the worst actors to have made it on screen.

1. Tommy Wiseau

writer, director and primary investor of his film The Room, the heavily
accented, overdubbed and nonsensical lines, along with his appearance on screen
are a testament to why no one would cast him except himself.

2. Alan Bagh

Since playing Rod in Birdemic: Shock and Terror, Bagh’s wooden acting is so bad to the point where it has become almost comedic. Since this lead role, he has been around as a background actor.

3. Eddie Griffin

from Undercover Brother, none of his comedies have received appreciation owing
to bad actors as well including Griffin who is considered one of the worst with
24.1% average rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

4. Chuck Norris

having a fan base, Norris is rated the worst actor on Rotten Tomatoes with a
rating of 18.4%.

5. Pauly Shore

A comic who can barely make his audience laugh, Shore has constantly been appearing as the same kind of one-dimensional character in consistently bad movies such as Bio-Dome and
The Wash. 

6. Rob Schneider

who has barely been in the public eyes only thanks to Adam Sandler’s Happy
Madison Production is most known for his racially offensive portrayals and
accents. His movies like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and The Hot Chick have been
nothing but aggressively unfunny.

7. Nicolas Cage

some good movies such as Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, which were
essentially just opportunities for him to overact, his bad movies tend to
outweigh the better ones.


8. Taylor Lautner

The shirtless werewolf from the Twilight series, Lautner has barely found any success outside of the franchise unlike his co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. One look at his film Abduction will shed light on his lack of chemistry with co-stars and poor dialogue delivery.

9. Jaden Smith

As a
child actor in the sentimental film, The Pursuit of Happiness Jaden Smith had a
moving debut but has not found much success after it. The film After Earth was
torn apart by critics mainly for his terrible performance, so much so that his
future in the movie industry is doubtful.

10. Ben

an Oscar-winning producer and writer, Affleck has not found similar success in
the acting department despite having dabbled in almost all genres of films.